Can You Dig It?

This week, we fixed a customer’s sewer line that had bellied both under their home and in their yard.

Did you know we do excavations regularly? If there is an underground plumbing issue such as a broken sewer line or a leaking water service, DB’s is fully prepared to solve these issues and get your water restored to your home or get those messy backups to stop once and for all. As plumbers, it is so gratifying and rewarding for our technicians to make such vital repair and replacements for local families. If these unfortunately problems occur for your or your loved ones, know that we are here and ready to take care of you!

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When was the last time your water heater was flushed?

When was the last time your water heater was flushed?

Flushing your heater removes build up of minerals from the inside of the tank, extending the life of your heater and ensuring it is working at maximum efficiency. We recommend your heater is flushed once a year. This is a service a customer could attempt to perform without the guidance of a professional, but there are some serious potential errors that can be made. A customer could break their drain valve or damage the heater’s elements, causing expensive repairs to be needed. If your water heater needs flushed, we recommend you call a professional!

“As the weather starts to cool, I can’t help but be reminded of the season of change.  Kids start to go back to school, work schedules change, the leaves falls, seasonal foods and much more are just on the horizon.  I am reminded when season change to do regular maintenance on your home like your lawn, irrigation and of course your water heaters.  We are taught that as soon as you buy a house, you only have one HVAC system, so protect it. Water heaters are no different, you only have one.  Protect it, maintain it, get the longest life out of it as you can.”
—David Buky, President

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Our 10 Year Anniversary!

This week I’d like to tell you a little bit about our award-winning customer service team in the office. Commonly, our office is staffed by Jackie manning the phone and Rachel (me!) taking care of all other office matters. With Rachel getting married in September and Jackie due to have a baby in September as well, the office is full of excited planning and dreaming of the oh-so-near future.
Our 5 star reviews show that we consistently deliver top-notch customer service, and we are so honored every time a review comes in that mentions us or a happy customer calls just to let us know we exceeded their expectations.

We are genuinely happy to take care of all your plumbing needs. Please feel free to reach out, we love chatting with our customers and tackling any hurtles that may arise in your home!

10 Year Anniversary

Today, August 1, 2018, is DB’s Plumbing and Drain’s 10 Year Anniversary! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our amazing customers for your business and loyalty to us. We wouldn’t have a company without each and every customer and their trust in us to deliver the best service we can. Our employees, both past and present, have also helped us get to this huge milestone. We are so grateful.

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A Message From Jennifer

This week we have a special message from our Vice President, Jennifer!

“Hello everyone! I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your trust, support and encouragement over the years. “Thank You” are 2 little words that are used often and mean so much. Sometimes they are said out of duty or obligation. But when I and everyone else from DB’s says it, it is said with the utmost sincerity, gratefulness and respect. We are always honored to take care of you and your family’s needs. And we’re especially thankful when you use us again, or refer us to your friends and other family members. We know how stressful and unfortunate it is to even HAVE to call us. But know it gives us great joy and satisfaction when we’re able to leave your homes better than when we entered. And hopefully put your minds and hearts at ease when we do.

So, THANK YOU for being the best customers ever! We are humbled and honored.”

– Jennifer B., Vice President

Holy Sump Pump, Batman!

This has been the Week of the Sump Pump with all the rain the area is receiving! Don’t wait until your sump pump fails to get it serviced. We recommend a yearly (at least) check and flush of your pump to be sure it is functioning properly. If you have a battery back-up on your pump, don’t forget to check that battery! It is no good to you if the battery is dead. Sump pumps are designed to last 5-7 years. How long have you had yours?

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A Message From Our President…

This week we have a special message from our President.

“As we go about our busy and sometimes completely overwhelming lives, we often come across things that we cannot control. I think as fallible humans we tend to focus on the not-so-many negative things versus the numerous positive things we experience day to day. I know I struggle with this. Sometimes it takes a minute or two to step back and be thankful for the overwhelming positivity that we are surrounded by, even in that season of darkness. That darkness, no matter how long, is temporary. We will come out stronger on the other side.”

– David Buky, President


A Business We Stand Behind

In addition, we would like to recommend a great family-owned and operated HVAC company for any heating or air conditioning problems you may have. The company is called ALCO Services, and they are available to take care of you. We use the company personally and professionally. We are frequently asked for referrals for all types of services and this is one of our best recommendations!

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DB’s Products

Did you know DB’s sells two great products that we use ourselves and recommend to all of our customers? We endorse and supply a wonderful drain cleaner called Bio-Clean. It’s a natural product that works great to maintain open drain lines, and prohibit clogs. It’s the only commercial drain product we recommend, as it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals like many of the others on the market.

We also endorse and supply a product many homeowners don’t know about, a water alarm! The water alarm is much like a smoke detector. If its sensor gets wet, the water alarm lets off a high pitched sound, warning you and your family that there is water where there shouldn’t be. These are especially useful near your water heater and/or sump pump. The alarm will alert you immediately so you can catch a plumbing problem quickly, prohibiting expensive repairs and damage.

From Our President
“All of us work for someone, myself included. The daily grind can be very monotonous. My advice would be to create a business within yourself. Make every day feel that much more important, whether you are a cart-loader at a retail store or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.  If you go to work every day as though your job is the most important job, your life can be that much more gratifying. The effort I put into my life (including at work) creates my worth, and that is most important to me as an individual. I do my best to make it count daily.

And for all you stay-at-home moms and dads out there, your job is the most important of all. Thank you for raising our future generation.”

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Maintain Your Plumbing and Yourself

Is it hot enough for you? It is for us in the office and especially for our techs! We’re so excited for this heat wave to break. This week, we’ve been tackling water heaters, pressure reducing valves, and quite a few clogged toilets. We also figured out a complex problem for a medical building, where a bathroom was backing up with rain water! We diagnosed the issue and they are on their way to never having this problem again. Coming up, we have several calls on the board and the guys are working hard to keep your plumbing functioning at 100%.

From Our President
“Regular maintenance of your home plumbing as well as the rest of your house, your vehicles, and your yard is important. But what about yourself? We all need to do our best to maintain ourselves. This means eat healthy foods (in between eating the bad ones), travel to foreign lands, contact an old friend out of the blue, or simply go for a drive in the country. Whatever it is that makes you feel like the most you you can be. Remember, there is only ONE of you. Make the best you you can, maintain yourself and live the most wonderful life.”

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One Busy Week

What a busy week we are having! The techs are busy taking care of two sewer line repairs and a water line replacement this week, as well as all of our service calls as they come in. They are working very hard to get to every one of our amazing customers. If you happen to see a technician, thank him for his hard work! At the office, we are supporting our guys and assisting our customers 24/6 (closed Sunday). If you need a copy of your invoice, you want to set up a call, or you have any questions at all, please reach out!

From Our President
“Independence Day is a celebration of our freedom brought to us by the founding fathers of this county. It is for all of us to celebrate and reflect as to why we are free. Freedom comes at a cost, and it is our duty to celebrate, gather with friends and family, and be proud Americans. There is only one country in the world that is built as we are, and I, for one, am proud to be a citizen of this great nation.”

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5 Things Your Plumber Wish You Knew!

1. If we can finish a job quickly, it’s typically due to our years of experience and expertise. If it takes longer than expected, know that we are working hard to get your job done and get to our next call or home to our families. We don’t get paid more to take longer or to hurry at DB’s.

2. Plumbing is a job that is very physically demanding. Plumbers have bad knees, bad backs, and their hands are calloused like baseball gloves. We have a joke around the office that plumbers are “certified contortionists”, as they have to get into small, tight spaces, and work around piping, ducting, and appliances daily.

3. Plumbing is a very dirty job! Mike Rowe may have done some crazy things on his show Dirty Jobs, but our plumbers can relate! We work hard to keep ourselves, our trucks and tools, and your home or business as clean as possible. We hope we can leave your space like we were never there. We do laundry practically daily, and we clean our trucks all throughout the work week.

4. Sometimes the first solution to a problem isn’t always the final solution, no matter how hard we try to make it work. There are no 100% guarantees when it comes to plumbing, as every job and every set-up is different. What worked at your home may not work at the next home, and we do our best to get it done as quickly and affordably as possible.

5. Most plumbers absolutely love their job. We take a lot of pride in solving customer’s problems using creative solutions daily.

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What do we DO?

I hope you’re having a great day and staying cool. This week in the office, we have booked quite a few calls throughout Prince William and Fairfax counties.

This past week most of these calls have been sump pumps, water heaters, and emergency pipe repairs. I had a customer ask me this morning if we do only garbage disposals…to be clear, we are a service and repair plumbing company that tackles all sorts of issues, both residential and commercial! When in doubt, give us a call and if we can’t fix your issue, 9 times out of 10 we have a great referral to pass along. We pride ourselves in assisting our customers no matter WHAT their issue may be.

For a list of all the plumbing issues we tackle,
check out:

From Our President
“This week, the Capitals proved to us that hard work and PERSISTENCE as a team pays off. At our company, we use events such as this as great teaching tools for our team to do their best, every day no matter what and your dreams will come true! Next up, it’s the Nats turn!”

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