The Gift of Membership

Do you have all of your shopping done for the upcoming holiday? Do you know anyone who needs a thoughtful house-warming gift?

Consider our Membership Program! Give the gift of 25% labor on all flat-rate calls, waived dispatch fees for the whole year, and a through whole-house membership service. Details can be found here:MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM. Give the gift that could save your loved one thousands of dollars!

Simply call the office to purchase the membership and we will do the rest.

Whether or not you are a member with us, our service includes some very necessary regular plumbing maintenance, Please consider having a service like this done on your home as if you check these items once a year, you can save yourself from many plumbing emergencies throughout the year!

Our service includes:
*Water heater service: Gas: burner cleaning and flushing, Electric: element/thermostat testing and flushing
*Sump Pump inspect and flush
*Drain Inspections
*Dye tablet inspection for toilets with free flapper replacement as needed
*A Whole house pressure test
*½ off our regular rate for sewer camera inspections from outside clean-out

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